Ujj got his MBA in Finance and Information Systems at the University of Austin Texas. He joined Wall Street after college but didn’t like the atmosphere. He went on to work for a technology consulting firm called Snap-On Business Solutions. He became the Regional VP in 4 years before starting his own consulting firm called Kaarya. 

Ujj was working hard at Kaarya until he had a horrible experience with a car repair service. He was supposed to have a 1-hour repair, and it ended up taking 5 hours due to horrible communications from the store. 

With his background in Information Systems and technology, Ujj started myKaarma in April 2012. His company has built out a Cloud Platform that smooths out the communication process between the auto shop and its customers.

The current platform he has is able to store all customer information including texts and calls, update videos sent to the customer from the dealership during repairs, and is able to contact the customer down the road when it estimates they may need a repair.

Ujj now works with almost all of the big-name brands in the auto industry, and his tool has worked so well, that he has received multiple requests to use his software in other industries. He is currently working on building out a platform that anyone can use to streamline their communications with their customers. Almost like wordpress for a super high-level CRM in which anyone can build out exactly what they need!


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