Malcolm Deleo is a Senior Sales Executive, Chief Evangelist and Founder of InnovationMuse. Malcolm works with both people and organizations to help drive change that brings tangible business results.

InnovationMuse Consulting is focused on helping companies of all sizes build a stronger bridge between their products/services and their balance sheet. Between these two sides of the chasm are elements such as tools, process, culture which every company needs to develop in order to successfully drive their long term vision. All executives needs support to help them navigate this chasm. They need both someone to help build their strategy while simultaneously bring it to life through outstanding execution. We excel at providing the vision to see where you want to go with the focus on execution most consultants lack. We want to sit beside you by bringing a strong commitment to collaboration, a unique approach to making strategy real and the governing principle that strong relationships are at the core of making your business thrive.


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