Natasha is in the rebranding process right now, so she thought it would be good to wait until she is done with that process to come on the podcast. 

Natasha has always had an interest in marketing and advertising. She started out working for multiple different companies before founding her own company. While working at Burst Media, she started a side hustle doing makeup for weddings and learned about the google ads platform. She eventually convinced her boss at Burst Media to allow her to spend around $500 per month on ads for the company. 

This was no correlation to the ad spend or nearly $5 million per year when she started working for Google. She was thrown into the fire and made a lot of mistakes, but learned from them. 

She now has her own company – Flowstaq (might have changed now by the time she has rebranded). Her company is focused mainly around the Google Ads platform. Things such as PPC, Google Search, Youtube Ads, and retargeting, and is starting to expand into the multitude of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


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