Lee Sammartino CEO Of Ikonic Tonic Speaks On Working With Fortune 1000 Companies And Creating New Brand To Client Marketing Strategies In The BioTech Industry And Beyond. VC’s Take A Listen
Lee is the CEO and Founder of Ikonic Tonic - a company that provides market insights, integrated applications, research & development, as well as customer utility for other companies looking to streamline the effectiveness of their relationship with their customers. Lee and his…

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Julie Seal-Gaustad CEO Of Mirus Promotions Talks About Creating Multiple Revenue Streams And Utilizing Her 3000 Influencer Network To Profit During The “New Normal”
Julie has been involved in the experiential marketing industry for nearly 20 years. She has worked with various suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and brokers to create, plan, and execute successful promotional campaigns.  By combining her experience as a Teacher, Account Manager, and Information Coordinator…

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